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Saturday, 2 October 2010

FREE Peach Satin Dress from Simple

This beautiful satin dress has replaced the Prom Dress on the Simple site. I Love It =D If you haven't got the prom dress you will get it too! ...

Okay ... to get this dress you have to follow these steps carefully.
- Log into stardoll as usual
- Under the picture and the name of your medoll click where it says "My Acount"
- On the page open the tab "Account settings"
- The you will find your user ID ... note the number somewhere ...

now copy this in the url with your user id right after (no space) the "=" and click enter.

http://www.simple.co.uk/stardoll/?u= YOUR USER ID HERE

A page will load
Scroll down to find this ... fill the boxes (you can use fake information to fill the boxes)

(be sure to tick the "terms and condition box")
Click submit and wait till the page loads ... if it says you have entered something wrong just fix it and click submit again ... when the next page loads it should say ("impress your crush") ... go to stardoll as usual and the dress will be in your suite!
Hope you get it! x

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